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Don't Risk Going Without a Working Circuit Breaker

Call us today for circuit breaker maintenance and installation in Philadelphia, PA

Circuit breakers are absolutely essential for any home. A circuit breaker will shut off electrical flow if your home has too much electricity flowing through it. Circuit breakers prevent homes from seeing electrical damage every single day.

If your circuit breaker is tripping constantly, it's time to find out the root of the issue and solve the problem. Young's Electrical Services, Inc. offers circuit breaker maintenance in Darby, Glenside, and Philadelphia, PA. We'll determine why your circuit breaker is malfunctioning and implement a solution.

Why might your circuit breaker be tripping?

If you're tired of going down to the basement to flip your circuit breaker, call Young's Electrical Services, Inc. There are a few reasons why you're having problems. Your circuit break could have:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • A short circuit
  • A ground fault

A short circuit should be taken care of immediately - especially if you smell something burning in your circuit breaker. Call Young's Electrical Services, Inc. right away to find a resolution to your circuit breaker issues in Darby, Glenside, PA.