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Give Your Home a Little More Power

Upgrade or install a new electrical panel in Darby, Glenside, or Philadelphia, PA

Do your lights flicker when you turn on an appliance? That's one sign that you need to upgrade your electrical panel. Homes with older electrical setups don't have the capacity to handle newer appliances because they require more power.

If you're seeing signs of a stressed electrical system, update your electrical panel right away with Young's Electrical Services, Inc. We can make sure your home in Glenside or Philadelphia has what it needs to take on the wattage. Call our electricians today for assistance.

A few more signs you need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel

Flickering lights are a common sign, but how else can you tell your home needs an upgraded panel to handle and distribute more power? Well, the electricians at Young’s Electrical Services, Inc. can help you determine when you need to call for an upgrade or replacement. Here are a few more signs you need to call us:

  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Constant light bulb burnout
  • Crackling sounds from the breaker box
  • Power surges

Don’t risk going without an upgrade. You could be putting your family at risk with a stressed electrical system. Call Young’s Electrical Services, Inc. today for assistance.